Impact Report

For many businesses in Oxfordshire, the spring of 2021 was loaded with the expectation of emerging from a COVID-19 enforced hibernation. One year on from the first lockdown that so badly affected people, communities and businesses, the restrictions were lifting and mass vaccinations were promising a roadmap to recovery.

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There are over 43,000 businesses registered in Oxfordshire, at least 99% of which are SMEs. Every one of these businesses had been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another and those reliant on face to face activities were the hardest hit.

OxLEP Business engages with businesses based on the support they say they need. This report showcases how OxLEP Business responded to those needs and shares some of the stories which describe the impact of that support on the Oxfordshire businesses .


OxLEP Business support between April 2021 and March 2022:

businesses engaged

hours of business support

jobs safeguarded

£3,500,000 worth of support

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“I think it is a great organisation and service to help businesses such as ours get on to the first rung of the ladder to success, without which it might be impossible. It's not only advice and monetary aid but it is a great vote of confidence that speaks volumes to all."

“OxLEP have been able to offer dedicated support from various business professionals ranging across a varied spectrum of business issues. It was very well received at an unprecedented time both during the pandemic and continuing to support our business post-pandemic."

“The OxLEP Business team are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and approachable which makes you feel that they care about supporting you and your business."

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