Business Support Tool

Directing you to the right business support

Here at OxLEP Business, it is our aim to signpost the county’s businesses to the most-appropriate business support, grant schemes and events.

Completing our short Business Support Tool will mean that, no matter what stage you are at, we can better understand your needs and provide you with more targeted help and advice.

Join hundreds of Oxfordshire businesses who are using their Business Support Plans to launch, grow and succeed.

The starting point for every stage of business.

All Oxfordshire businesses, no matter size or stage, will come across challenges they can’t face alone. That’s where our targeted support comes into play and is most valuable.

Speaking and writing about your business, the current state of play, what your ambitions are, the problems you face – this allows you step outside your business for a moment and allow outside perspective in.

With our Business Support Tool, we’re asking the essential questions to build and optimise your Business Support Plan.

What do I need before I start?

Having as much information on your business as possible will help speed up the process.

Specific details that you should have at hand (if applicable) include:

  • Addresses (contact, trading)
  • Company Registration Number or Sole Trader UTR number
  • VAT number
  • Key dates (year started trading etc) and numbers (no. of employees etc)

Not all of these details are essential to complete the form. If you have yet to start a business, or are in the very early stages (i.e. not yet registered), you will be still be able to get support and receive a personalised plan.

How long does it take to complete?

This depends on the level of detail you provide us and the information you have on hand about your business. On average, it takes around seven minutes to complete, but be prepared that this may take longer.

What is the Business Support Plan (BSP)?

The Business Support Plan is our personalised and targeted guide for your business.

We will signpost you to the most relevant programmes, grant schemes and events within OxLEP Business and our wider network of support in Oxfordshire and beyond.

If you have yet to start a business, we can still provide you with a Plan and present you with the best options to get you moving forward.

Why we’re trusted for business support

Percent of businesses with 5 or more staff recommend us

Percent of start-ups recommend us


“The support plan and the 1:1 meetings really helped me to focus and find the right people who can help me develop my business idea.”

Ines Sunday
I Healthcare Ltd

“The Business Support Plan has allowed me to consolidate my business idea.”

Kareem Lyons
The Lyons Fashion Group

"The support plan clarified the whole process of starting a business for me and informed me about available support, information and advice."

Paul Bonsor, Director