You know copyright exists but how does it apply to your business and your website? Are you unsure of the difference between registering your company with Companies House and registering your trade mark with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)? 

To help you answer any questions you have, the IPO has a suite of ‘IP for Business’ tools that can help you understand the basics of IP. All completely free to use and accessible to all.

Different IP rights include:

  • Patents – protects new inventions; how they work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of and how they are made 
  • Designs – protects the overall look of a product including the colour, shape, texture and material
  • Trade marks – protects brands, such as your business name or logo, and can consist of a word, phrase, picture or a combination of all these
  • Copyright – protects written, dramatic, musical and artistic works including photos, recordings, software and databases

This should give you an idea of how important your IP rights are to the growth and sustainability of your business. It’s important to identify and protect these rights early, so the next step is to check out our online support tools to help you make a start.

Oxfordshire support:

OxLEP has partnered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to increase the impact of IP through awareness and education, making sure businesses, researchers and students have the tools they need to navigate the IP system and to drive prosperity and productivity locally, whilst ensuring that IP is embedded into strategy development and delivery across OxLEP and our partners.

IP Equip

  • What is it? A free, interactive online learning tool to help you identify assets which may be protected by IP rights. Made up of four modules on the main IP rights, it takes around an hour to complete and is also CPD accredited.
  • Who is it for? Everyone, from small business owners to professional advisors.

IP Health Check

  • What is it? A free online assessment of your business to help you identify and add value to your IP assets. Based on your answers to a series of simple questions, it provides a confidential report with advice on how to protect your IP.
  • Who is it for? Businesses looking for a more detailed look at their IP.

B2B Toolkit

  • What is it? A free online resource which provides users with the resources needed to successfully collaborate and ensure that their IP is protected, utilised, owned, managed and licensed throughout.
  • Who is it for? Businesses advisors and businesses who are thinking of collaborating.

IP for Investment

  • What is it? A free online resource which supports businesses to identify and assess its IP assets in the context of its overall business strategy and help it understand how the IP assets relate to the business’ growth. In addition to providing guidance on “Investor readiness”
  •  Who is it for? IP-rich businesses looking to seek equity finance for growth

Our business pages are also packed with guidance, case studies, details of upcoming events and information on where to access further support. You can also sign up to our IP for Business e-alerts to keep up to date with the latest news and updates from the IPO.

If you have any questions regarding IP, fill out our Business Support Tool and one of the team will be in touch. 

If you need advice on Intellectual Property or would like more information on any of our Business Support services get in touch with our team today who can help...