Empower -Mental health training & consultancy

About this business

EmpowerMHT is your local mental health training consultancy. We are based in Oxfordshire & are serious about helping employers to ensure your workforce is mentally fit.

We understand that good mental health is crucial to keep your business and your employees thriving.
Many absences can be avoided by an investment in mental wellbeing education, in combination with a wellbeing strategy that fits your business needs.
EmpowerMHT can support you to improve the mental wellbeing and menopause experience of your workforce. These topics are surrounded by myths. Subjects that you might not have encountered yet. Be proactive - Enlightened employers will reach out to EmpowerMHT to take steps that are preventative, ethical and ultimately save money.

Our training has been developed by Mental Health First Aid England. This enables us to deliver the ultimate programmes to improve workplace mental health and menopause experiences, with the aim of reducing absences and improving staff retention.

Find us: Charlbury, Chipping Norton, UK


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