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About this business

Are you looking for a supportive and understanding counsellor or coach to help you navigate life's challenges? As a NCSP accredited pluralistic Counsellor with specialised diplomas in Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Coaching, REBT, and ADHD management, I am here to assist you. I provide tailored 1-2-1 interventions for individuals aged 14 and older, utilising a blend of online, face-to-face, and walk-and-talk therapy to suit your preferences.

In my private practice, I address a wide range of needs by combining counselling and coaching techniques. My approach integrates practical, solution-focused (CBT), Here and Now (Person Centred), and psychodynamic interventions that explore your past. Additionally, I offer solution-focused support to foster lasting success.

I believe in creating a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, sharing your space as an equal. My mission is to help you live a life true to your deepest values, full of fulfilment and authenticity. Together, we can reshape your life story, and I am dedicated to assisting you in this journey. If your needs fall outside my scope, I will connect you with someone who can assist. Your well-being and sustainable growth are at the core of my practice.

Please feel free to reach out, and we can discuss how my services can benefit YOU or your business and its employees.

Find us: Oxfordshire, UK


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