10 Practical Steps Towards Net Zero – And Why You Should Take Them

10 Practical Steps Towards Net Zero – And Why You Should Take Them

For senior business leaders… You really do need to start a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future.

This insightful session will explore the options for Oxfordshire small and medium sized businesses as they set out on a net-zero journey. Our experts will guide you through ten actionable steps that can make a significant difference in achieving net-zero emissions.

Whether you’re a business owner or an environmental champion within a business, this webinar offers invaluable knowledge and practical guidance for anyone seeking to contribute to a greener planet. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and foster collaborations aimed at accelerating Oxfordshire’s transition to net-zero.

Don’t miss out on this chance to start to become a leading business in the Oxfordshire Net-Zero community.

Your speakers

Phil Curtis (Director First Thirty Ltd)

Phil Curtis is a strategy and business growth advisor. A former KPMG Managing Consultant, and Enterprise Director in two AIM-listed technology plcs, he has a 30-year track record of advising, building, and managing innovative, technology-led businesses from entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-national Groups.

He covers the growth lifecycle from strategy through planning, growth, and transformation to achieve resilient operational performance with innovation and sustainability at the core. Using a hands-on and information-driven approach, Phil has worked with founders and leaders in space, energy, defence technology, transportation and government sectors in the UK, Europe, the Arabian Gulf, and the United States.

Ant Parsons (OxLEP Business & ALP Synergy Ltd)

Ant is a business and environmental innovator, who uses his creative leadership to help organisations think differently about problems and opportunities. He works on a broad range of projects across the research, technology, business and impact landscape in the UK and overseas.

Ant has a passion for supporting sustainable business growth in Oxfordshire and an indepth knowledge of the business support community.

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