8 Practical Steps to Kickstart Your Export Journey

8 Practical Steps to Kickstart Your Export Journey

Join this practical, interactive webinar that will guide you through 8 Simple Steps you can take right now to kick start your export journey

Diving into the world of exporting might feel overwhelming, but it’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped!

Join us for a practical, interactive webinar that will guide you through 8 Simple Steps you can take right now to kick start your export journey. Whether you’re new to the scene or seeking a fresh approach, we’ve got insider tips and tactics to maximize your gains without the headache.

We’ll guide you through the pro’s and con’s of exporting and help you to focus on the core essentials of what you need to do to start winning new business.

Here are some questions we get asked all the time:

  • How do I internationalise my website so it resonates with people from different countries and cultures?
  • Do I need to adapt my product and service offer for a local audience?
  • Where do I find my ideal international customers and capture their interest?
  • What do I need to know about selling into overseas markets?
  • How do I create a great customer experience so that they keep coming back for more?
  • How do we manage all this whilst still maintaining our UK business?

Our seasoned experts and export champions have so much practical advice, stories and experiences to share with you that will supercharge your global ambitions and results. Don’t miss this chance to turn challenges into opportunities and make your mark on the international stage.

🌟 Who Should Attend? 🌟

This webinar is designed for ambitious small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers who are ready to take their business global. Whether you’re just starting to consider exporting or looking to enhance your existing efforts, this webinar is packed with actionable insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts, gain valuable knowledge, and network with like-minded business owners. This is also the entry into fully funded support from OxLEP Business to help you on your journey.

What Will I Learn?

🔹 Craft Your Export Blueprint: Set clear goals, timelines, and resources as your guide

🔹 Deep Dive into Market Research: Understand the markets where your offer best fits

🔹 Identify Your Ideal Customer: Who will benefit most and where do I find them?

🔹 Strengthen Your Digital Footprint: Localise your website for local appeal

🔹 Position with Precision: Adapt your branding, messaging, and pricing strategy to resonate with local audiences

🔹 Be Accessible & Approachable: Make it easy to find and contact your business. A smooth buying process encourages return customers.

🔹 Chart Your Route to Market: Choose your sales channel based on customer habits and preferences.

🔹 Perfect the Full Circle: Prioritize efficient shipping and top-notch after-sales support to build loyalty and repeat business

Your webinar presenter

Norma Foster is an international growth specialist. She has worked in international business development and communications across Europe for over 40 years. Norma works with her clients to improve their understanding of different countries and cultures and differentiate themselves in the global marketplace. Her clients develop the skills, tactics, and confidence to grow their global customer base, craft a world class marketing and communications approach and develop their route to market and implementation. www.linkedin.com/in/normafoster

What we provide

  • A great environment
  • Good networking opportunities online
  • An experienced trainer
  • Fantastic insights.
  • Practical resources and follow up
  • Further support potential for eligible businesses

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