Creating a Culture of Innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Do your employees believe that all ideas matter? That all ideas will be considered? Join us to learn how to create a culture of innovation.

In a culture of innovation, employees believe that all ideas matter and will be seriously considered by leadership. To create that kind of culture, you need to be proactive and ensure that innovative ideas are followed through and acted on. This workshop will help you learn about how to adapt quickly so that you can lead change, how to encourage open communication, and follow through on innovative ideas. You will be left with a few skills and tools to help you create a culture where every idea matters.

Your speaker

Miki Lentin (Director Miki Lentin Consulting)

Miki Lentin is a strategic communications professional with over twenty years of experience across the private and public sectors. He was previously Head of Corporate Affairs at the British Library, with responsibility for marketing, communications, strategy, digital content and broadcast strategy. Now an independent consultant, he works across the cultural and creative sectors with clients such as the Houses of Parliament, Imperial War Museum and British Council.