Digital Skills for Oxfordshire’s Visitor Economy (South Oxon)

Digital Skills for Oxfordshire’s Visitor Economy (South Oxon)

Breakfast event to launch a range of support to make better use of digital solutions in the visitor economy.


Oxfordshire business leaders need to have the confidence, knowledge and skills to transform their businesses and make better use of digital solutions which reduce the reliance on staff, increase promotion and increase customer spend. This series of events and follow-on support are designed to meet that need.

How will this help my business?

  • Support your leadership development and help you develop skills, train staff and embed digital solutions within your business to help you thrive
  • Give you new knowledge and confidence to help you plan for your business’ future
  • Inspire and inform you about the range of digital solutions that can support your success
  • Support visitor economy business leaders to develop skills, train staff and embed digital solutions

What is on offer?

This is the second of two Breakfast Launch Events (easier for businesses South of Oxford) providing an opportunity for businesses to understand the breadth of the support on offer, to ‘book-in’ for that support, and to make wider connections with similar businesses.

  • Webinars to help business ‘Offer Visitors More’

A series of collaboration webinars, delivered once to each area, to encourage and inspire businesses to make connections with potential partners to collaborate.

  • Managing Customer Experience and Maximising Return on Investment

A workshop delivered by Stephen Spencer + Associates, one in North Oxfordshire and one in South Oxfordshire, to help businesses look with fresh eyes at their customers experience. The goal is to help businesses (whether physical or digital) to help businesses to develop a sixth sense to maximise their customer experience, and to use technology that is both sophisticated and accessible to optimise their ROI.

  • Digital Assessment and Implementation Support

A baseline survey followed by a 30-minute discovery call on what digital solutions they use currently, followed by recommendations on solutions they could be adopting. Up to two hours online or on-site with an expert to help them to implement those solutions which could include a basic training for staff.

Plus a wide range of additional support.

Who is eligible?

Any Oxfordshire business (that trades within Oxfordshire) that is part of the visitor sector including museums, the hospitality, arts and culture organisations and independent retailers.

Who is paying for it?

OxLEP secured funding for The Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme via the government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund.

What is it for?

It’s aims to support Oxfordshire’s Visitor Economy’s ongoing recovery and re-emergence from Covid-19.

Why is it being offered?

The visitor economy was decimated globally due to COVID 19. In Oxfordshire the main challenges facing the visitor economy businesses are:

  • Inability to recruit enough staff with the right skills
  • Supporting staff to transition to digital services
  • The need to increase visitor numbers and spend
  • The need to maintain confidence that the Oxfordshire visitor economy is COVID safe