Introducing…How to crowd fund

Introducing…How to crowd fund

An introduction to crowd funding, why it’s a great way to raise funds and what you need to know to launch a successful crowd fund campaign.

This webinar is ideal if you’re looking for ways to fundraise for your business in 2023.

We’ll cover the basics, understanding how you fundraise and what kind of fundraising options there are, before looking in detail at crowdfunding and how it can work specifically for purposeful businesses and charities.

Using examples of successful (and unsuccessful!) crowdfunding campaigns, we will cover the things you need to think about in your messaging and strategy, and why great crowdfunded projects succeed.

Whether you’re committed to launching a crowdfunding campaign, curious about how it works, or just looking for fresh ideas when it comes to fundraising for your project, this workshop is a great place to start.

Who is it for?

Social enterprises, trading charities and purposeful businesses in Oxfordshire, UK.

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Gareth Jones

Gareth is the founder of eScalate Hub TownSq, a B Corp focused on building community- led coworking spaces across the UK. There are now 11 TownSq spaces in England and Wales with an additional 50+ Cowork Local venues to enable people to work closer to home in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Gareth has held a number of roles across the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UK, from advising Prime Minister Theresa May on the Small Business, Scales Ups and Entrepreneurs Council, is an UnLtd Future Pioneer, B Corp Ambassador, Platform Places advisor, Insider Rising Star, and member of the IWA Future 30.

You can read his weekly blog series on www.50things.co.uk or find him on Twitter @GarethTSq.

About the eScalate Programme

eScalate, is a three-year project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which runs until April 2023 to support Social Enterprises, social entrepreneurs, enterprising charities and purposeful businesses in Oxfordshire.

Support includes:

  • one to ones
  • workshops
  • peer support sessions

For more information about the eScalate programme , visit www.oxfordshirelep.com/escalate

Please note that this event is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is delivered as part of the eScalate programme to help SMEs. By engaging in this programme you are being offered assistance under the De Minimis regulation which allows a company to receive up to but not exceeding €200,000 of public funding (at the applicable exchange rate) of De Minimis aid over a rolling three-tax year fiscal period. This De Minimis declaration does not cover undertakings engaged in: the primary production of agricultural goods and fisheries/aquaculture, road freight, services of general economic interest and export related activities and activities favouring domestic over imported goods. Please note, support cannot be given to undertakings (businesses) in difficulty. In order to receive support from this programme, you will be required to complete an application form and other relevant documentation. If you need to check your current position for state aid please contact us. If you would like any further information on De Minimis aid and Special Drawing Rights (SDR) subsidies, please see the state aid page on the OxLEP Business website: