Offering West Oxfordshire’s Visitors more

Offering West Oxfordshire’s Visitors more

A networking and ‘co-selling’ discussion for Visitor Economy Businesses to explore how they could collaborate to offer visitors more!

The West Oxfordshire Visitor Economy has so much to offer its regional and international guests, but are businesses working together or competing?

This networking discussion is aimed at encouraging Visitor Economy Businesses to make connections with other businesses and to explore the potential to ‘co-sell’.

Examples of businesses collaborating will be shared and you can explore how you could collaborate with others in the workshop. This workshop is focussing on West Oxfordshire businesses as collaborations may be stronger between businesses that are geographically close to each other.

Your Facilitator

Ant Parsons is a business and environmental innovator, who uses his creative leadership to help organisations think differently about problems and opportunities. He facilitates a wide range of business support groups and has worked with hundreds of businesses in the last 2 years. He also works on a broad range of projects across the research, technology, business and impact landscape in the UK and overseas.