Women in Business & Tech

Women in Business & Tech

CEO and visionary behind Keen People, an IT & Cyber Security recruitment agency, Rebecca Keen, shares her story and a call to action!

It’s an absolute pleasure to be taking part in this “women in business and tech” webinar, and I’m thrilled to share a bit about my background, career to date and experience with you.

As the CEO and visionary behind Keen People an IT & Cyber Security recruitment agency, Director of a cyber security consultancy and a founder & board member for a not-for-profit cyber security community group for Oxfordshire, called OXCyber, I really do live up to my surname – Keen by name, Keen by nature! 🤩

Throughout my career, I’ve developed a keen eye for working with people, assembling exceptional talent in the tech and cybersecurity field and championing DEI for underrepresented people within tech and cyber space. My journey has been shaped by extensive experience working with people and providing strategic leadership.

Equipped with a degree in psychology and a forensic master’s, I’ve dedicated myself to unravelling the intricacies of human behaviour and motivations. This commitment enables me to not only ensure that each individual and team member possesses exceptional skills but also aligns seamlessly with our organisational culture, thereby enhancing our collective brilliance. I firmly believe that a vibrant and engaging work environment is the breeding ground for innovation and unparalleled success.

Throughout my career, I’ve also been deeply committed to meaningful volunteer work. As a board member for Independent Monitoring Boards, I served as a watchdog at HMPYOI Cookham Wood, advising on fairness and humanity in the treatment of individuals in custody by the courts. I further extended my impact as a mentor for Addaction and Catch22, assisting individuals within the criminal justice system and their families in overcoming drug and alcohol misuse challenges, and aiding those in prison with administrative tasks and parole board proceedings. And more recently volunteering for Children Heard & Seen, who support children, young people, and families with parents in prison. These experiences have reinforced my dedication to human rights and a holistic approach to supporting individuals in need, aligning with my core values of fairness and justice.

Thank you for joining this webinar, and I look forward to an engaging and inspiring discussion on the intersection of women, business, and technology. Together, we can unlock countless opportunities and shape a brighter future.

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– Brief introduction to the importance of social selling in today’s business landscape.

– Highlight the impact of social media on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

 What is Social Selling?

– Define social selling and its role in the sales process.

– Emphasise that it’s about building relationships and engaging with potential customers on social media platforms.

Why Social Selling Matters

– Showcase statistics or case studies illustrating the effectiveness of social selling.

– Highlight how it complements traditional sales methods and leads to increased brand visibility.

Understanding Your Audience

– Discuss the importance of knowing your target audience.

– Provide tips on researching and understanding the demographics and behaviours of your potential customers.

Choosing the Right Social Platforms

– Overview of popular social media platforms for business (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

– Discuss which platforms align best with your target audience and industry.

Optimising Your Social Profiles

– Tips for creating professional and engaging social media profiles.

– Emphasise the importance of a clear and compelling bio, profile picture, and consistent branding.

Building a Content Strategy

– Discuss the significance of valuable and relevant content.

– Provide tips for creating and sharing content that addresses your audience’s pain points and interests.

Engaging with Your Audience

– Strategies for building authentic relationships.

– Discuss the importance of responding to comments, direct messages, and participating in relevant conversations.

Overcoming Challenges

– Discuss common challenges in social selling and how to overcome them.

– Address issues such as time constraints, content creation, and handling negative feedback.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

– Emphasise the dynamic nature of social media.

– Encourage continuous learning, staying updated on platform changes, and adapting strategies accordingly.