Meet the Specialist: David Finch of Purple Frog

The sheer depth and breadth of support that the eScalate programme provides to clients is largely possible thanks to a group of talented and experienced specialists who are passionate about helping Oxfordshire businesses not only grow but thrive. Over recent months we have introduced you to Sian Cox of People Connections HR and Tony Hobbs of Chapman Robinson Moore who provide valuable HR and Financial support respectively.

This month we’d like to introduce you to David Finch of Purple Frog. He is well known to many eScalate clients now having run webinars, workshops, Power Hours, and more recently helped to facilitate one of the programme’s new ‘Network and Support’ sessions.

As a chartered accountant, experienced sales and marketing strategist, and successful business owner in his own right, he uses his knowledge and experience to help SMEs drive strong and sustainable growth. Clients say he has helped them better understand their value proposition and convey it confidently to their customers and prospects; whilst others say that their marketing focus is much clearer; and others that they have benefited from his help to streamline their sales and marketing processes to create more profitable leads and business wins.

As companies strive to recoup the losses incurred during the COVID pandemic, the business landscape across many sectors has become highly competitive. The challenge facing you as a business owner is how do you stand out? How do you become ‘remarkable’? One way is to focus on the value you deliver for your clients, and that value needs to be from your customer’s perspective not yours. Every business decision, every piece of collateral, every message, every interaction, needs to communicate that customer value; and every business process needs to support the delivery of that value. This is where a specialist like David can help! Amongst other things, he will challenge your perceptions of your brand values and interrogate your activity and processes to uncover how you could work differently to increase conversion rates and attract more profitable customers.

As David himself says: “Very few people like selling and even more hate being sold to. So why try to sell to people, when in today’s world it is so much easier to help them sell to themselves. Thinking more carefully how you phrase things, how you speak (including written messages) to them so that you help them buy means you don’t have to be all salesy. Changing the way you think about sales and marketing is very liberating. It is not an overnight fix; we have all been hard wired to think incorrectly but once the penny drops the angst and frustration that marketing and selling can bring to a business owner soon drops away and that is a pleasure to see. I get real enjoyment in helping to clear minds in order to create clarity and a route forward which empowers business owners to describe their business more effectively whilst understanding the channels they should be using to find success. Helping people buy from them so they don’t have to sell”.

David’s next sessions are scheduled for the 22nd and 24th November. To book your fully funded ‘Differentiation Strategy’ Power Hour with him, click below:

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