BLOG: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Sensyne Health's 'Good Neighbour' App

“Everybody needs good neighbours… Neighbours, should be there for one another, that’s when good neighbours become good friends.”

Healthcare technology company Sensyne Health wants to connect us in this ‘disconnected’ time of social distancing.  It has developed a Coronavirus health monitor to record health conditions, symptoms, vital signs and medications.  This will give health professionals a better picture of how symptoms have changed over time. 

The information is recorded in an app called CVm-HealthTM.  Known as the ‘Good Neighbour’ app as it allows users to log on behalf of other people, it makes it easier to keep track on users’ neighbours, friends and family, especially those who are not online.  The app is available to download now. 

In addition, in line with Sensyne Health’s innovative approach to using anonymised patient data to benefit life sciences, NHS and patients, information collected from the app will support the medical research into Covid-19.  Some world-leading research is happening in Oxfordshire. 

Sensyne Health is located in the vibrant Oxford Science Park, an area famous for bringing together world-leading research and the spirit of entrepreneurship to solve some of the biggest societal challenges. 

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