Blog: Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2019

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September 2019 OxLEP Business saw the return of our Entrepreneur Bootcamp. For the second year running we welcomed aspiring entrepreneurs from across Oxfordshire to help them gain key skills, tools and tips from expert trainers who facilitated the two-day event.

This programme enables entrepreneurs to network with their peer group, gain key information from a number of experts within the business world as well as gaining a further understanding of how to turn their ideas into tangible, testable products and services. The aim of the event is to provide an understanding of what steps would be best for these individuals to take next.

This year programme took place within the Garden House Venue situated in Steventon, Oxfordshire. This venue provided the event with a modern and spacious area for the hands on, practical programme with picturesque views to be enjoyed whilst networking.

The attendees had a variety of different business ideas which they are looking to further. OxLEP Business were able to provide a safe and practical environment for the individuals to learn and understand what is involved when looking into starting up a business.

OxLEP Business are committed to supporting Oxfordshire’s small businesses and the team were pleased to have enabled our local, aspiring entrepreneurs to gain vital skills and confidence to help further what they are looking to do next within the business world.

For more information on our business programmes get in touch with the OxLEP Business team today.