Cherwell Business Adaptation Fund launched: OxLEP Business encourages companies to apply

The Cherwell Business Adaptation Fund – created to support Cherwell District-based companies to move into an effective renewal phase following the COVID-19 pandemic – has been launched today (10 May) by OxLEP.

The fund follows-on from previous grants and support programmes delivered by the Oxfordshire Growth Hub. This new scheme – which is being delivered and led by the OxLEP Business team on behalf of Cherwell District Council – will play a key role in ensuring that Cherwell-based businesses are able to run as efficiently as possible and remain productive, particularly in-light of the pandemic.

Through funding, eligible businesses will be expected to deliver outcomes that will accelerate investment across a number of key business areas.

This includes; strengthening overall business performance, providing supply chain resilience, supporting a transition to net-zero, driving technology and innovation adoption, as well as backing an increase in a business’ sales operation and market share.

The Cherwell Business Adaptation Fund aims to support eligible businesses through grants, ranging between £5,000 and £20,000 per business for capital and/or revenue-based projects.

Earlier this month, OxLEP Business held a fund launch webinar which included details on how to apply to the fund.

You can watch these again below.

 Launch of the Cherwell Business Adaptation Fund

 How to apply to the fund

 Fund eligilbility and compliance

Fund offer claims

Application overview

Application best practice


The fund is now open for applications. Applicants need to complete a pre-qualifying process, which will close on or before 27 May (subject to the level of interest), before applying. 

The closing date for full applications is at 5pm on 7 June. All queries relating to the fund must be submitted to OxLEP Business by 30 May.

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