Meet the Specialist: Tony Hobbs

You will remember that in September we introduced Sian Cox of People Connections HR Consultancy, who has been delivering Power Hours around ‘HR and Talent’ for the eScalate programme since earlier this year.

This month, we introduce Tony Hobbs of Oxfordshire-based accountancy firm, Chapman Robinson & Moore, who has been providing dedicated 1:1 support to eScalate clients on a whole raft of financial-related matters.

Whether you’re a start-up or established company, effective financial management is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Most, if not all, business activities have a direct impact on your company’s financial performance, so they must be carefully evaluated and monitored. At any point in time, as a business owner, you should be able to interrogate and assess the state of your company’s profit, cashflow and overall financial condition. Similarly, changes occurring within your immediate and wider trading environment should be analysed in order assess how they may influence your financial health; as we all know too well, both COVID and Brexit have had a devastating impact on company performance UK-wide.

It also goes without saying of course, that if you are a company looking to scale through access to debt financing or equity investment, then the way you manage your company’s finances will have a direct impact on your likely success of accessing one or both of these investment streams

Tony can advise on a myriad of financial-related issues; he is also passionate about business growth so can offer sound advice on general business planning. So, whether you need to get a handle on your cashflow, better understand financial forecasting, get to grips with filing and paying tax, or even understand how to value your business as part of your investment readiness work, Tony can help.

Feedback from clients attending these Power Hours has been fantastic, many finding that Tony makes a complicated subject so much easier to understand. As Tony himself says: “I am genuinely passionate about helping business to grow, and the Power Hours have been a great opportunity to talk to a variety of business owners and discuss their challenges and opportunities. Every business is unique with its own challenges, but there are common approaches that can be employed to turn these challenges into opportunities”.


Tony’s next sessions are scheduled for 13th and 14th October. To book your fully funded ‘Financial Planning’ Power Hour with him, just register via Eventbrite:

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