Start stage

Helping your business get off to a successful start

Many businesses who engage with us are at this critical start-up phase – all businesses start small, after all.

OxLEP Business is here to help and support you, whether you have a brilliant idea or have just started out. Starting a new business can be exciting though daunting, and we have lots of advice and support available to help you with understanding the fundamentals and to build a strong foundation for a viable, successful business, from which your business can grow.

This is why someone having your back, providing guidance at every turn across all business areas, is so valuable for new business leaders.


Our start-up support includes:


Start-up bootcamps for start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs.


Specialist webinars for launching products or services designed for early-stage businesses.


1:1 advisor support.

Get started:

Complete OXLEP’s Business Support Tool to receive your business support plan, signposting you to profit boosting, market growing, fully funded business support, to help you move forward on your journey.