SafetyKnot’s resources and training provide their customers with the safety support they need to keep their family and workforce safe, through tailored packs, online training and more.​

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The challenge

SafetyKnot faced the financial challenge of funding innovative app development, refining their business approach and needing to fill a knowledge gap in growing their business operations.

The solution

To develop the business and its service innovations, SafetyKnot required wide-scale support from across OxLEP Business’s offer, including innovation funding, a 12-week peer support programme, and webinars for purposeful businesses.

Every year more than 5 million people die from injuries worldwide. Nine out of ten deaths are in low or middle income countries. It is a tragic death toll, made worse because so many of them are preventable. An Oxford-based business, Safetyknot, is committed to acting to reduce the toll with their innovative approach to the problem. They are nurturing a greater culture of safety amongst the people most affected in countries where little attention is paid to prevention and safety at home and work.

The enterprise is the brainchild of founder Katherine Weatherburn. She has developed the business to provide practical safety training and safety support to people at risk of harm, with an aim to prevent injuries in the first place.

“We are driven by the knowledge that people living in poverty are most at risk. We want to empower individuals and communities with the safety knowledge they need to make their daily lives safer and free from preventable injury. So, we package support in ways that are most effective in each country and culture, with information, safety packs, online and face-to-face support. And we work with organisations seeking to help families and workers at risk from injury.”

ISfB gave me access to a group of knowledgeable and friendly experts that are dedicated to helping my business grow and succeed."

Katherine Weatherburn
Founder, SafetyKnot

Safetyknot took part in the OxLEP Business Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) programme, where Katherine was able to get greater insight into what was needed to implement a much more robust business plan.

“It was so helpful” Katherine explained. “ISfB gave me access to a group of knowledgeable and friendly experts that are dedicated to helping my business grow and succeed. The programme helped us to refine our vision and bridge the gap between ideas and execution.”

They were awarded a Go Create Grant by the programme to support a simplified or streamlined version of a mobile phone app which is designed to give practical safety advice for primary caregivers and community construction workers in lowand middle-income countries in Asia.

Safetyknot were able to refine their business approach by selecting the most relevant support available to them including a one-to-one support session to develop their pitch deck and three workshops provided by the ISfB Programme on marketing, finance, and the challenges of business growth.

The company knows it is a big challenge to address health and safety globally, but they are confident their initiatives are going to make a difference to a neglected area of health in some of the world’s poorest countries and communities.

“We aim to empower people through our services and increase their ability to live safely, so that together we can reduce preventable injuries and deaths.”

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