Funding & Grants

Financial boosts for businesses

Sourcing funding and grants for your business can be essential to its survival, day-to-day operations and future ambitions.

In what can be a complex and jargon-filled area, we are here to help you make sense of it all, and to match the right financial support with your business needs and goals.

With some grants and projects now coming to close, please see below for an updated list of current funding programmes that are available.

What our support covers

Visitor Economy Grant Scheme

Grant support for businesses within the visitor economy which aims to back the sector’s ongoing re-emergence from Covid-19.

Local & National Funding

Explore other sources of grants outside of OxLEP, within Oxfordshire and nationally.

Browse our success stories

Read about other businesses who have received a financial boost thanks to support from OxLEP Business.

Helping recovery, growth and innovation

Funding projects through our grant schemes and providing access to finance support can be hugely significant for businesses.

It may be just one of many routes we provide, but it is one of our most used, as it can be a challenge getting a project, service or an entire business off the ground without it.

How do I find out if I am eligible for a business grant?

Please check the eligibility details of the grant you are interested in, as the criteria will be different for each grant. You can find these details on the page, in supporting documents, by arranging a 1:1 with an advisor, and in (if applicable) explainer videos.

How do I apply for a business grant?

Most grants require you to request an application pack by emailing the team responsible for the grant. You may also be required to follow some additional steps before submitting your application, such as reading documents or watching a grant webinar.

Other grants may require a simple form to complete the application process.

Further details can be found on specific grant pages.

How much can I apply for?

Each grant scheme will offer varying amounts, usually within a set range or a lower/upper limit. How much you can apply for will also depend on what you plan to use grant monies for, and whether the activity falls under the eligibility criteria.

Check the individual grant scheme page for more detailed information.

How does matched funding work?

This depends on the matched grant rate at the time and the maximum grant we can offer.

For example, say your project costs £12,000. If our grant rate is 50%, and we are offering maximum £5,000 grants, we can provide £5,000 towards your costs and you will be required to fulfil the remaining £7,000. However, if your project costs £10,000, we can fulfill the 50% match funding and provide £5,000.

As always, check the rate and other details for specific grants as they will vary and potentially change as more of the overall grant pot is used.

Looking for more support?

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