Creating Authentic Stories for your Business

Rose Hill Community Centre Carole's Way, Oxford, England, United Kingdom

How clear and compelling are the stories you tell for your business? Do they help your customers to connect and feel like they belong?Stories connect us and take us on journeys. They open up new worlds and make us feel like we belong. Telling the story of your business is a transformative and meaningful way you can reach your customers, helping them follow you and your brand from ‘once upon a time’ to ‘happily ever after.’ Join Alison Waller in this interactive workshop to explore the power of stories and the value of storytelling skills for business success. You will receive practical guidance on how to engage people through authentic narratives and build a toolkit of creative strategies for developing inspiring and innovative content. Alison will lead you through essential story elements, including: values and purpose character and plot the promise – and surprise – of stories human perspectives and listening skills Alison is a writing coach and public engagement professional, with over 15 years of experience dealing in stories. She has taught creative writing at universities and written books on literature and reading. She runs The Writing Path and loves helping people to write effectively and bring their ideas […]