Grant guidance

We offer grant workshops to help SMEs with the application process.

Please note - grant funding via our eScalate programme is now CLOSED and no longer available.

For the foreseeable future, we are looking to move future OxLEP-led events to 'digital platforms', and we will update everyone who has signed up as soon as possible. 


Our ISfB grant rounds are now always ‘open’, and eligible businesses can apply at any time. We aim to review ISfB applications on a monthly basis, based on a cut-off date at midday on the deadline date for each month. We aim to let applicants know within 21 days of the cut-off date whether or not their application has been successful. You will be advised as early as possible if there is likely to be a delay.

Before you apply for our ISfB Go-Create grants you will need to attend the Go-Create grant application webinar or watch the recording on our Go-Create webpage. In addition you may also need to speak on an individual basis to a member of our team. There is also a grant guidance pack to read alongside the application and an FAQ document which you may find helpful. The grant rounds are a competition and we strongly suggest you allow enough time before a grant deadline to put your application together.

Go-Create Grants are offered as part of the Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) Phase 2 programme. Go-Create Grants are available on a competitive basis from £1,000 to £50,000 for innovation projects within tech and non-tech businesses.

Please note that our panel sits regularly to review grant applications; submit your application before a ‘grant panel application submission deadline’ to ensure that you are considered in the next round. 

Application submission deadline – 21 January 2022, 12:00 midday 
Notification of outcome – 11 February 2022

Application submission deadline – 18 February 2022, 12:00 midday 
Notification of outcome – 11 March 2022

Further dates for 2022 will be uploaded to the website soon, subject to funding.

Business Investment Fund

OxLEP Business announced a new capital investment fund, created to support Oxfordshire’s innovative business community to move into an effective renewal phase following the COVID-19 pandemic and potential effects of Brexit.

The Business Investment Fund's expression of interest process is now closed.

Grant guidance presentations

OxLEP Business webinar: How to create an effective Business Investment Fund (March 2021)

OxLEP Business Go-create grant (ISfB) webinar (Nov 2021)

For more information on our grant funding opportunities get in touch with the OxLEP Business team today.