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Featured Topics

Innovation Support

For businesses looking for support with their innovative projects, new products, or seeking funding for launches and development.

Enterprises for Social Good

Guidance, events and resources for businesses on a mission to do social good. Explore our suite of support options.

2021-22 Impact Report

This report provides a snapshot of our business support in 2021-22, the businesses engaged and the impact the support had had on them.

Funding & Grants

In what can be a complex and jargon-filled area, we are here to help you make sense of it all, and to match the right financial support with your business needs and goals.

Supporting Growing Businesses

We help new and established businesses to expand their reach and grow their customer base, which can help to increase revenues, create more jobs, and add value to their products and services.

Peer Support

Forge new connections, gain new insights into business challenges and opportunities, and use the time to step away from your business and properly plan for the future.

OxLEP Business Support

Visitor Economy Support

The Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme aims to back the sector’s re-emergence from Covid-19, including a new grant scheme.

Foundations to Growth

Gain new perspectives, inspire new ideas and change your way of thinking through valuable professional and personal support.

Non-Executive Director for a Day

Established businesses can apply for 8 hours of intense support with one of our business Advisors who have the credibility to be a “NED” (Non-Executive Director) for the day.

Marketing & Sales

We can provide guidance on everything from how to create an effective marketing plan to how to improve your messaging on LinkedIn.

1:1 Support

With over 20 experts available, our mentors can provide you with valuable advice, help you develop new skills and knowledge, and give you access to wider business circles in Oxfordshire.

Net Zero

Through support schemes, workshops and mentoring we can explore your sustainability goals and the opportunities available to you.

Investor Pitching

We offer a variety of workshops and events that can help businesses improve their pitching skills, learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and to get feedback on their pitches.

Network & Support

Network & Support sessions are for business owners with a level of trading history and are looking to take their business into the next stage of growth.

Business Start-up Support

This support is designed for individuals who are thinking of starting their own business, or businesses, who are looking for some help with developing their early-stage business or pivoting their plans.