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Helping Oxfordshire’s SMEs to flourish

Oxfordshire’s small and medium-sized businesses are flourishing thanks to capable leaders, diverse networks, and a clear sense of purpose.

We are here to provide the support they need to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and start-ups, even welcoming guests from Ukraine who are eager to establish a business in the UK. The success stories of the businesses we support, such as Ducky Zebra, Hutano Diagnostics, and 5C Consulting, are truly inspiring.

Dive into our range of showcases and reports to discover remarkable businesses in Oxfordshire and the wider impact OxLEP Buisness has had in the county.

SIGHT Impact Report

The SIGHT (Start, Innovate, Grow and Help to Thrive) Report showcases how OxLEP Business and Skills have responded to the needs of businesses and shares some of the stories which describe the impact of that support.

Between April 2017 and March 2023, the OxLEP Business and Skills teams have we have delivered nearly £29m worth of support to Oxfordshire businesses, including £4.8m in grant funding and nearly 18,000 of hours of advice, guidance and up-skilling.

Learn about these stats and much more in our report today!

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