Start Stage

Giving start-ups a springboard to growth.

Most businesses who engage with us are at this critical start-up phase – all businesses have to start small, after all.

There are undoubtedly challenges at this stage, but there are also many exciting opportunities to really kick-on your operations.

This is why someone having your back, providing guidance at every turn across all business areas, is so valuable for new business leaders.


There’s no shortage of support that we provide for start-ups. There are entrepreneur bootcamps, specialist webinars for launching products or services, and recovery grants if you have been impacted by outside forces like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most importantly, we want to help you build a solid foundation before entering the growth stage, where you will turn your passion and ambition into a growing business.

How does it compare?

Start stage


Your business has been running for less than a year


You have a vague idea of the support you might need


You need help developing your business plans


Your service or product is nearing launch or recently launched


You need business recovery/resilience support

Grow Stage


You are actively looking to scale up operations


Your business or trade has been impacted and you need help


You are seeking funding and/or investment


You need support to expand your market

Ready to start?

Time for take-off

Enthusiastic for your fledgling business? We can match that with the perfect advisory, knowledge or financial support.

1:1 Support

Use our advisers’ experience to get your start-up to where it needs to be.

Business Start-up Support

A five-week fundamentals programme for start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Innovation Support

Working on an innovative project? See if you’re eligible for a revenue or capital grant.

Enterprises for Social Good

Support and invaluable knowledge from social impact experts to help kick-start your business.


In-person events, webinars and workshops to connect entrepreneurs with support and potential collaborators.


Hear from other start-ups about how they engaged with OxLEP Business and the results of targeted support.


Bring your business up to speed with the latest news, tips, how-tos and more.

Give your business plan a boost.

You’re just five minutes away from joining thousands of other Oxfordshire businesses who are benefitting from an in-depth, personalised Action Plan.