Mum as You Are (MAYA)

About this business

Parenting a newborn is hard. MAYA’s research found that many new mums were rarely asked ‘but how are you really?’ which increased feelings of worry, anxiety and isolation during that often-tricky newborn adjustment phase. Mums consistently reported a gap in accessible, affordable, informal, in-person postnatal community support.

MAYA was created in response to this. MAYA offers one-to-one meet ups for new mums with trained volunteer mums who are further along in their parenting journey. It provides a regular, informal, empathic, judgement-free space – on a walk or in a café – to offload, rant, reflect and feel listened to during those early weeks and months with someone who ‘gets it’! MAYA also facilitates group meet-ups with fellow new mums and offers links into existing community wellbeing and family sessions.

Your community grows just as you do in your parenting journey.

MAYA is currently running a free pilot of its peer support - please email Jess for more information.

Find us: Oxfordshire, UK


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