OxLep Business Showcase

Business Support Success Stories

Welcome to the first ever edition of this new ‘Business Showcase’, a publication we will produce every 2 months to promote some of the businesses that we have been supporting.

We want to shout about some of the brave and bold businesses that have reached out and engaged with our support. We want more Oxfordshire Businesses to see the success stories and make the decision to reach out and engage with this fully funded support.

What our clients say

"Perhaps the biggest support came through the Visitor Economy Grant, which allowed us to sell a large group tour for a major magazine in the U.S. taking place in Oxford early April next year, which will help support local businesses in the off-season."

Global Dream Travel

"A business contact of ours told us about OxLEP and explained that they offer no cost support for innovative businesses in Oxfordshire. So, we got in touch with them and straight away they were interested in what we were doing."

John Buckley, Founder

“I was lucky enough to be able to join OxLEP Foundations to Growth Network in early 2023. It was a great series of online workshops, which helped all participants think through their business challenges andopportunities. Many of us experienced similar issues, so we could all help each other think about solutions to our problems."

Claudia Kozeny-Pelling, Founder
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Looking to shout about your business success?

Get in touch with the Business team today if you would like to feature in our next edition of Business Showcase.