Foundations to Growth Network

Foundations to Growth Network

OxLEP Business are inviting ambitious and passionate Start-Up and Growth Businesses to join the Foundations to Growth Network.


OxLEP Business are inviting ambitious and passionate Start-Up and Growth Businesses to join the Foundations to Growth Network. Participating will help you gain new perspectives, inspire new ideas and change your way of thinking. It can also help you form new contacts, build networks and gain valuable professional and personal support.

The workshop will be delivered by two of our experienced business experts, providing practical content to help you learn and make progress, alongside a group of supportive peers.

You must be an Oxfordshire Business to apply

What do the sessions cover?

Run over 6 weeks, the sessions cover:

  • Understanding strong foundations for growth;
  • Collaborative problem solving, knowledge sharing and developing softer skills with peers;
  • Exploring the next steps for growth.

The group will meet on zoom on Wednesdays between 8-10am weekly starting on Wednesday 22 February until Tuesday 29 March 2023

What will I gain?

  • Access to a new support network
  • New tools for collaboration
  • Improved leadership and management skills
  • Understanding of the foundations for growth
  • Inspiration and motivation to grow


  • You must be an Oxfordshire business, established and trading for 6 months
  • An ambition for growth / innovation
  • Must be able to commit to all the sessions


Ant Parsons is a business and environmental innovator, who uses his creative leadership to help organisations think differently about problems and opportunities. He facilitates a wide range of business support groups in Oxfordshire and Worcestershire and has worked with hundreds of businesses in the last 2 years. He also works on a broad range of projects across the research, technology, business and impact landscape in the UK and overseas. Ant has a passion for supporting sustainable business growth in Oxfordshire and an in-depth knowledge of the business support community.

Paul Holmes is a degree qualified Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineer with 25+ years working in FTSE100, technology and engineering companies and at a senior level in Local Government. Paul specialises in transforming businesses focussing on growth, from set up, to implementing change. He helps them to overcoming challenges, implementing business systems and management processes, and supports manufacturing, engineering, and technology commercialisation. He can provide advice on governance, challenge and strategy support for owners and senior business leaders.