Reducing Pressure, Increasing Performance

Reducing Pressure, Increasing Performance

A workshop to explore a healthy approach to supporting yourself and your people.

You know how it feels when you and your staff are at your best. Things tend to go relatively smoothly, and challenges can be converted into opportunities with relative ease.

In these times however uncertainty, change and the need to act quickly can deplete people’s energy and enthusiasm. This of course, can affect morale, business performance and worryingly, people’s health.

Resilience skills are crucial for owners, leaders and staff. Join us in this concise interactive workshop where we will be sharing some easy to implement tools and techniques you can use immediately to support yourself and your people. This is about investing two hours on yourself, ‘on your business’, for immediate and long term benefits.

Your speakers

Paula Nickson (Greater Than Ltd)

Paula began her career in science and engineering before moving into over 20 years of leadership and business innovation in large public, private, 3rd sector and SMEs. She is CEO of a successful social enterprise and of her own coaching and consultancy practice.

Coaching professionally since 2015 (ICF approved certification), Paula has supported hundreds of business owners and leaders with problem solving, idea generation, self-discovery. Experience tells her that getting the best from business comes from being authentic and investing in understanding what makes you, your people and your market tick.

Jennifer Rawlinson (Flourish in Mind Ltd)

Jennifer Rawlinson is a specialist in workplace mental health and wellbeing. During her career Jennifer spent 13 years in retail banking in a senior leadership role leading large teams and knows only too well the impact of poor mental health on a workforce, but also the benefits to all of focussing on supporting people to grow and thrive.

Jennifer is now the director of her own company supporting other organisations over the last 5 years on their own wellbeing strategy. Taking a lead in delivering wellbeing workshops and Mental Health First Aid training as well as utilising her skills as a corporate wellness coach.