Thinking like your Customer will lead to Business Success

Thinking like your Customer will lead to Business Success

Where you are creating value? You may have a great product or service, but have you thought about it from your customer’s perspective?


Do you know where you are creating value? You may have a great product or service, but have you thought about it from your customer’s perspective? Customers choose one product or service over another when they can clearly understand the benefits. So, being able to express the value that you are delivering to your customer will give you a competitive advantage. In this interactive session you’ll learn how to build customer focussed value propositions, the bedrock of your sales and marketing.

What will I gain?

  • Experience of a practical approach to developing Value Propositions for your products and services
  • A new way of describing your products and services
  • A clearer understanding of your customer segments
  • A customer focussed perspective

Eligibility This webinar is aimed at entrepreneurs with a great idea and start-up businesses who want to make sure they are on the right track for growth.


Lesley McKie is an experienced provider of mentoring and support to SMEs. She’s a business owner and manager with a strong background in consultancy and leads marketing and communications (online and offline) for a range of clients. Her coaching and mentoring skills arise from her advanced training and experience as a corporate coach with KPMG. More recently, she has supported businesses in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire via the ERDF-funded Network Navigator role, as a Peer Networks facilitator and as a business advisor providing support during the COVID pandemic and EU Exit.


– Brief introduction to the importance of social selling in today’s business landscape.

– Highlight the impact of social media on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

 What is Social Selling?

– Define social selling and its role in the sales process.

– Emphasise that it’s about building relationships and engaging with potential customers on social media platforms.

Why Social Selling Matters

– Showcase statistics or case studies illustrating the effectiveness of social selling.

– Highlight how it complements traditional sales methods and leads to increased brand visibility.

Understanding Your Audience

– Discuss the importance of knowing your target audience.

– Provide tips on researching and understanding the demographics and behaviours of your potential customers.

Choosing the Right Social Platforms

– Overview of popular social media platforms for business (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

– Discuss which platforms align best with your target audience and industry.

Optimising Your Social Profiles

– Tips for creating professional and engaging social media profiles.

– Emphasise the importance of a clear and compelling bio, profile picture, and consistent branding.

Building a Content Strategy

– Discuss the significance of valuable and relevant content.

– Provide tips for creating and sharing content that addresses your audience’s pain points and interests.

Engaging with Your Audience

– Strategies for building authentic relationships.

– Discuss the importance of responding to comments, direct messages, and participating in relevant conversations.

Overcoming Challenges

– Discuss common challenges in social selling and how to overcome them.

– Address issues such as time constraints, content creation, and handling negative feedback.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

– Emphasise the dynamic nature of social media.

– Encourage continuous learning, staying updated on platform changes, and adapting strategies accordingly.