Where do you currently find yourself with your business? Are you pre- or early-stage, or on the brink of expanding into new territory?

Whilst the answer to this question doesn’t affect our ability to offer you support, choosing a stage means we can provide you with more targeted help. Get started by choosing the most relevant stage to you below.


Through our extensive range of resources and expert advisors, the aim at the Idea stage is to build up your knowledge, confidence and contacts, and signpost you to the right support.


There’s no shortage of support that we provide for start-ups. There are entrepreneur bootcamps, specialist webinars for launching products or services, and recovery grants if you have been impacted by outside forces like the COVID-19 pandemic.


You might be looking for funding to launch a product, have plans around decreasing your carbon footprint but need specialist advice, or have ambition to scale-up part of your business to attract new customers.


Many businesses at this stage come to us when they are looking to branch out, such as setting up a new division or entering a new market with a product.  We provide comprehensive support, from mentoring and networking to funding and advice. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and develop a customised plan to help you achieve them.

Need some help getting started?

Meet the Business Support Tool

It’s the quickest way for our team to deliver targeted support, through a personalised business support plan and signposting to what we think will work best for you and your business.