ES Precision

Directors Tim Millard and Andy May have over 50 years of combined experience with industrial laser processing, providing a personal, flexible laser service with reliable shipments of components.

Business Support Grant

Peer Support

The challenge

ES Precision needed to transform their services by providing a new laser technology – erosion laser cutting – to help mitigate the impacts COVID-19 had on the business.

The solution

Financial support through the Business Investment Fund (BIF) to help ES Precision invest in new laser technology and remain sustainable and encourage involvement with peer support to plan for the long-term and future-proof the business.

ES Precision are an award-winning laser processing and traditional machining company based in Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire. 

The company is relatively new, having started in late 2017.Like most other businesses, ES suffered from the fall in business activity in 2020-21. 

ES uses its range of galvo-deflected lasers to provide a laser processing service to medical device, automotive, electronics and other engineering companies. Many of their key sectors were hit hard by the pandemic as there were fewer scheduled operations in the NHS and car plants temporarily closed assembly lines.

 ES had been contemplating an expansion of its current laser marking-dominated service to include subcontract erosion cutting but hesitated to do so owing to economic uncertainties and reduced capital available because of business being hit by the pandemic.

Having found OxLEP and reaching out for support, ES were recommended to put in a bid for targeted funding through the Business Investment Fund (BIF). BIF funding is secured via the Government’s Getting Building Fund, which aims to accelerate economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the grant application process, ES presented its business plans and outlined the impact of this new laser process on the Oxfordshire economy, and was successful in their application securing much needed funding to support this project.

“I was put in touch with an incredibly knowledgeable advisor who was able to cut through the jargon and the acronyms and answer my specific questions, so I was much clearer as to what I needed to do.”

Tim Millard
Managing Director, ES Precision

ES’s Managing Director, Tim Millard, also took part in the Peer Networks programme, having been recommended joining a group during the funding application.

Tim explains:

“The one-to-one aspect was what really attracted me to the offering rather than the peer support or networking as I was not sure what that might entail having never done anything like that before. However, despite my trepidation I thought that it might be a way to meet other business owners who could be potential clients or advantageous strategic contacts.”

Tim was initially apprehensive about the peer support element of the group, but as the sessions progressed, he found that the other business leaders all had very similar problems which he could take experience from.

“Once I understood the format and went to the sessions with a more open mind to this type of learning and sharing, I found the sessions very interesting. I was starting to get to know the business and personalities within my group, once I relaxed into the process I was able to think more clearly which gave me the opportunity to analyse my own issues as well as other people’s.” 

“Although it took a week or two for the process to click into place in my mind, I was astonished at how similar all the challenges were for such different businesses. Every single situation or challenge that came up for discussion had some connection with the business I am running now, or businesses I have run in the past.”

“Because the group is made up from business leaders the feedback from them comes from experience of both success and failure, it is practical knowledgeable feedback that you don’t receive from anywhere else.”

As part of the peer support, cohorts can also access mentoring support with advisors, which Tim took advantage of:

“The one-to-one element was most attractive to me. I was keen to get some expert advice on imports and exports to ensure that we were doing all we needed to be doing for now and in preparation for the future. I had attended countless webinars and online support resources but just got increasingly confused and really needed an actual person who could put me on the right path.”

“I was put in touch with an incredibly knowledgeable advisor who was able to cut through the jargon and the acronyms and answer my specific questions, so I was much clearer as to what I needed to do.”

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