Global Dream Travel

Global Dream Travel’s mission is to provide the highest quality, unique and personal trip experiences whilst supporting the finest local, sustainable businesses to keep their customers hungry for more.

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The challenge

Global Dream Travel started out just before the COVID-19 pandemic and this brought certain resource challenges, with priorities being narrowed down and a focus on gradual growth.

The solution

Support Global in meeting their global aspirations to grow their customer base internationally and to become an employer of local talent in the Oxford area, and provide an excellent career path for young, enthusiastic professionals.

Global Dream Travel are a team of globally focused British and Irish travel professionals, led by Conor Delaney and Adam Cornish.

Operating on all continents, they have both a global client base and a spectrum of partners globally and take pride in designing custom trips and packages with the bespoke adventurer at heart.

Where they really set themselves apart is in their company ethos; they place a strong emphasis on sustainable and green tourism, as everything they do has to have a low environmental impact and a positive contribution to the local communities they interact with – an area often neglected within the travel sector.

“The Peer-to-Peer events also gave us perspectives and ideas which we have been able to adapt to our business.”

Adam Cornish
Co-founder, Global Dream Travel

As a purposeful business, support from the eScalate programme supported the Global team across several key areas of the business.

As Co-founder, Adam Cornish explains:

“Firstly, the specialist advice and significant number of contacts in international trade we have obtained have really helped us take the first steps in our global growth ambitions; it has added tremendous value to the business obtaining such knowledge and contacts.”

Adam joined the popular Peer Networks programme with fellow business leaders, taking in a new perspective of the business and collaborating with others around challenges and opportunities: “The Peer-to-Peer events also gave us perspectives and ideas which we have been able to adapt to our business.”

Through Power Hour sessions with OxLEP Business’s advisors, they have received expert advice in key areas such as social media, marketing, and recruitment which, according to Adam, “we have really taken on board as it will be incredibly useful as the team expands over the coming 6 months.”

Reflecting on their journey so far, Adam has some important recommendations for other entrepreneurs and business owners who are starting out:

“I would say that one huge learning in recent times is the value of contacts and networking. By putting ourselves out there and engaging in multiple conversations with people all over the world, we have gained crucial insight and advice, and such connections literally add value from an investment perspective.”

“Aside from the obvious recommendations such as finding a problem to solve or developing a product in demand, we can’t stress enough the importance of taking a data-focussed approach to determine potential market share, analyse trends (for example destinations, trip types etc in our case) as well as competitor analysis.”

“This is very important in determining priorities, focus areas etc and which marketing channels you might want to target.”

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