Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme

Supporting Oxfordshire’s visitor economy recovery

The Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme (VERP) is a new £1.64 million programme of activity, led by OxLEP to assist the recovery of Oxfordshire’s visitor economy.

This programme, which is being supported through funding secured by OxLEP via the government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund, aims to back the sector’s ongoing re-emergence from Covid-19 through a variety of positive interventions allowing the strengthening of the sector post-pandemic, as well as maintaining and retaining consumer confidence for the industry.

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Helping recovery, growth and innovation

A key aim of the programme is to ‘attract visitors and ensure that Oxford and Oxfordshire maintain its position as one of the UK’s most desirable visitor destinations for local, national, and international visitors.

There will also be a focus on attracting value from all visitors and encouraging green and sustainable tourism and practices’, whilst being mindful to continue to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission linked to the visitor economy, through measures to enable residents and visitors to be and to feel safe.

What is going to be delivered in the programme?

Key elements of the programme that will be delivered by March 2024 include:

  • Strategic marketing campaigns to be delivered by both Experience Oxfordshire and Cotswolds Tourism Destination Management Organisations (DMOs)
  • Rebuilding market share and confidence of Oxfordshire as a Covid-safe destination
  • Improve business competitiveness via the Visitor Economy Grants scheme and Growth Hub-led business support and digital skills training
  • Support for a virtual conference desk to reattract high value business visitors
  • Strengthening sector leadership and co-ordination and development of a Visitor Economy Vision and Action Plan for the next few years
What are the Culture & Visitor Economy Sub-Group expected to deliver?

Key activities will be the delivery by March 2024 of the £1.64 million funded Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme (VERP); continued promotion and support for arts and culture and the creative industries by way of hosting events such as the Oxfordshire Creative Industries Showcase; champion and support ambitions to provide a new multi-purpose conference facility in Oxfordshire; and support and further encourage the career pipeline for these sectors.

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