OxBOoSt Network – March

Ue Coffee Roasters Roastery Cafe 11a Windrush Ind. Park, Linkwood Road, Witney, England, United Kingdom

The 'Oxfordshire Business Opportunities & Support network' for all OxLEP Business clients and anyone who wants to learn more.The Number 1 regular meet-up for Oxfordshire businesses who want to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas.OxLEP Business engages with thousands of business owners and leaders every year providing knowledge, advice and other business development support. But until now there hasn't been an easy way to help these businesses to network. Problem solved...The OxBOoSt network is open to all Oxfordshire based businesses to join (and it's free!).Each meeting will include 5-8 pre-arranged slots for businesses to share their story or pitch for collaboration and a forward look of business support from OxLEP. And of course there will be plenty of time for networking.You can request one of the business story slots on the booking form.