LinkedIn Masterclass for International Trade – The Plan for 2024

LinkedIn Masterclass for International Trade – The Plan for 2024

Managing your LinkedIn profiles, pages and content for an international audience – different languages, different cultures.

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn making connections and having conversations that go precisely nowhere? And how do you manage your LinkedIn profiles, pages and content for an international audience – different languages, different cultures?

Time is precious and although you know the power of LinkedIn already, you are still not sure how to take your LinkedIn profile and performance from Good to Great as a busy business wanting to grow international sales?

A really great, internationalised LinkedIn profile can make all the difference between winning that sale or not and so we’ve created this workshop for you to achieve just that. Norma Foster helps busy professionals get inspired, get your LinkedIn profile sorted and make it deliver results for you. Norma will be sharing her experiences, tips and tactics on how to:

• Make a Great First Impression with an On-Brand, Highly Effective LinkedIn Profile

• Profile and Target “A-List” Global Clients for Your LinkedIn Activities

• Raise Your International Visibility and Reputation as the Go-To Expert in Your Field

• Generate Enough High-Quality International Leads

• Get Leads to Convert More Quickly

• Never Worry About Your Marketing Taking Up Too Much Time

Not only that, we will also be looking at recent LinkedIn developments and a forward view to what is coming in 2024 – all based on strategies on LinkedIn that really work!

Norma has been an avid user of LinkedIn since 2006 and has worked with many hundreds of businesses to help them use LinkedIn more effectively as a key part of their business development.

Before the workshop, Norma will connect with you on LinkedIn and review your profile to tailor the advice given on the day. Get ready for lots of top tips on how to make 2024 your best year on LinkedIn ever!

After the workshop you will get access to our OxLEP LinkedIn Group where you will continue to get access to great tips, tactics and conversations with other LinkedIn buddies.

Who should attend?

Those of you selling products or services internationally, both B2B and B2C that want to:

– Win more business from SMARTA use of LinkedIn

– Increase your profile reach and reputation

– Learn how to effectively target the right target audience

– Save time and money on tools and tactics that simply don’t work

– Plan a 12-minute a day approach to do just enough for great results

What to prepare for the session?

– Your own laptop, tablet or phone (charged up) for practical work – wifi available – with any passwords you may need.

– Notepad & pen

– Your best self and a commitment to take 3 actions from the webinar and put them into practice

What we provide:

– A great environment

– Good networking opportunities

– An experienced trainer

– Fantastic LinkedIn insights.

Leave with a blueprint for a greatly improved LinkedIn profile and an easy-to-follow action plan and handouts to help you stay on target with your lead generation.

You will have the opportunity for more networking and a personal 1-2-1 healthcheck session with Norma after the event.

There is also potential fully funded coaching support available pending eligibility and availability as places are limited.

“I have recently attended Norma Foster’s seminar on how to use LinkedIn to increase business opportunities and I was very impressed about the many insights Norma had to share with us. She is an absolute expert in using LinkedIn as a platform and tool for business growth. Under her excellent guidance you realise instantly the need to develop a complete LinkedIn strategy for your business. To fully understand why, I highly recommend getting in touch with Norma and attending one of her seminars or invite her to present directly to your company.”

Judith Henter, Henterprise Creative

Your expert

Norma Foster is an international growth specialist. She has worked in international business development and communications across Europe for over 40 years. Norma works with her clients to improve their understanding of different countries and cultures and differentiate themselves in the global marketplace. Her clients develop the skills, tactics, and confidence to grow their global customer base, craft a world class marketing and communications approach and develop their route to market and implementation. www.linkedin.com/in/normafoster

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