To Export or Not to Export? That is the Question.

To Export or Not to Export? That is the Question.

Join us as we unveil the power of exporting — it’s not just about sales; it’s about building resilience and sustainability for your business

*This is a repeat event due to high demand*

🚀 Why Exporting Matters for Your Small Business 🚀

Did you know that a whopping 81% of UK businesses have already increased their profits through exporting? If you’re part of the 24% of small businesses in Oxfordshire not yet tapping into this opportunity, or have dabbled but want to master the art, then this practical 60-minute webinar is just for you.

Join us as we unveil the power of exporting — it’s not just about sales; it’s about building resilience and sustainability for your business.

The future of international trade is vast and full of promise. As with everything, there will be some challenges. We’re here to provide the support you need, making your export journey simpler and more rewarding.

Further funded support opportunities available under this programme will also be explained during the webinar for eligible businesses.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day!

What Will I Learn?

🔹 The Rewards and Challenges of Exporting: is it worth it for my business?

🔹 How to Decide if I am ready to Export?: and navigate the pitfalls and benefits

🔹 Market Diversification: expand beyond the UK for less risk and new revenue streams

🔹 Increased Revenue: tap into larger customer bases and premium pricing opportunities.

🔹 Competitive Advantage: leverage your USPs to stand out in international markets.

🔹 Economies of Scale: becoming more cost-competitive and efficient.

🔹 Business Sustainability: future-proof your business.

🔹 Quality Support Network: Who can help you on your journey and how

🌟 Who Should Attend? 🌟

This webinar is designed for ambitious small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers who are ready to take their business global. Whether you’re just starting to consider exporting or looking to enhance your existing efforts, this webinar is packed with actionable insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts, gain valuable knowledge, and network with like-minded business owners. This is also the entry into fully funded support from OxLEP Business to help you on your journey.

Your webinar presenter

Norma Foster is an international growth specialist. She has worked in international business development and communications across Europe for over 40 years. Norma works with her clients to improve their understanding of different countries and cultures and differentiate themselves in the global marketplace. Her clients develop the skills, tactics, and confidence to grow their global customer base, craft a world class marketing and communications approach and develop their route to market and implementation. www.linkedin.com/in/normafoster

What we provide

  • A great environment
  • Good networking opportunities online
  • An experienced trainer
  • Fantastic insights.
  • Practical resources and follow up
  • Further support potential for eligible businesses

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Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) scheme

The Growth Hub programme operates a Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) scheme. All SMEs which receive support under this programme are being aided under the UK Subsidy Control Act (2022) and The Subsidy Control (Gross Cash Amount and Gross Cash Equivalent) Regulations (2022 No. 1186).

MFA allows a beneficiary to receive up to £315,000 of Subsidy over a three-fiscal year period (i.e. the current and previous two fiscal years). The value of MFA given is the gross cash amount or the gross cash equivalent of the subsidy. The MFA value of this webinar is £361.70.


– Brief introduction to the importance of social selling in today’s business landscape.

– Highlight the impact of social media on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

 What is Social Selling?

– Define social selling and its role in the sales process.

– Emphasise that it’s about building relationships and engaging with potential customers on social media platforms.

Why Social Selling Matters

– Showcase statistics or case studies illustrating the effectiveness of social selling.

– Highlight how it complements traditional sales methods and leads to increased brand visibility.

Understanding Your Audience

– Discuss the importance of knowing your target audience.

– Provide tips on researching and understanding the demographics and behaviours of your potential customers.

Choosing the Right Social Platforms

– Overview of popular social media platforms for business (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

– Discuss which platforms align best with your target audience and industry.

Optimising Your Social Profiles

– Tips for creating professional and engaging social media profiles.

– Emphasise the importance of a clear and compelling bio, profile picture, and consistent branding.

Building a Content Strategy

– Discuss the significance of valuable and relevant content.

– Provide tips for creating and sharing content that addresses your audience’s pain points and interests.

Engaging with Your Audience

– Strategies for building authentic relationships.

– Discuss the importance of responding to comments, direct messages, and participating in relevant conversations.

Overcoming Challenges

– Discuss common challenges in social selling and how to overcome them.

– Address issues such as time constraints, content creation, and handling negative feedback.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

– Emphasise the dynamic nature of social media.

– Encourage continuous learning, staying updated on platform changes, and adapting strategies accordingly.