This upcoming webinar, delivered by guest speaker Sue Copeland, will give you the toolkit you need to get more leads into your business.

Any business owner will tell you that marketing is essential to growing your business. After all, how can you expect to attract new customers if they don’t even know your company exists?

However, simply placing a few ads and sending out some flyers is not enough to ensure success. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to get creative with your marketing if you want to see results.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to improve your marketing strategy, and our upcoming session will cover the fundamentals and more.

What’s the event about?

“How do we get more leads?” is a key question for most business leaders.

You might have tried a variety of marketing activities which don’t seem to work, have lots of ideas and maybe be thinking ‘we need a new website’ ‘we need a better brand’ ‘we need to be better at digital marketing’ ‘we need to do more social’…etc

But you are busy, you’re not a marketing expert and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Where do you focus? How do you get started? How do you improve the marketing function?

In this webinar, we will cut to the chase without indulging in jargon. It is designed to help you understand how you identify the right marketing for your organisation, to get the results you need.

This webinar will cover:

The difference between marketing and sales

Some common mistakes to avoid

How marketing changes as your company grows

How to discover marketing that's right for your business

How to make the most of your budget for marketing

Q & A

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Who’s running the event?

Su Copeland has over 30 years sales and marketing experience; and works with business leaders looking to generate the right kind of opportunities and systems for growth.

She has wide sector experience with a specialism in working with technology, science and engineering organisations. Her results-based focus comes through progressing from junior roles, to managing multi-million accounts and then moving to founder roles in a number of start-ups. As MD of a local B2B telemarketing agency, she and her team delivered successful projects for clients such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and Novartis. As CEO of Priddey Marketing she works with MDs and CEO to help them take control of their marketing and deliver the right results.

Within the Oxfordshire business eco-system, Su is a sounding board to a number of organisations including an adviser on the OxLEP Business Sub-Group and founder of The STEM Advisers Hub.

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