Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2019

For the second year running OxLEP Business ran the Entrepreneur Bootcamp programme as a part of the Elevate programme, which is funded by the  European Development Fund (ERDF). This two-day event took place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th September 2019 at The Garden House Venue, Steventon, Oxfordshire.

This immersive programme welcomed a variety of people who are about to embark upon starting a business, each with different business ideas

OxLEP Business were able to provide these budding entrepreneurs with support and guidance from expert trainers who facilitated the event. Across the two days the attendees were provided with opportunities to gain an understanding and further their knowledge of the business world, to network not only with entrepreneurs in similar situations but with a number of different specialists, as well as learning new skills and tools which will be useful to facilitate in the near future.

This practical and hands-on event provided a unique and beneficial experience for those who attended and offered a practical way for individuals to gain advice, support and guidance for starting-up a business.

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