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A game-changer for businesses

A grant can often be the difference between bringing a product or service to market or not, or being able to pivot the business to react to market changes. The need for funding is unique to every business, but all share the common goal of investing innovatively.

It’s not only about the money either. Grants come with expert advice from our innovation and funding specialists before, during and after applications, providing 360° support throughout the process.

Please note: Go Create grants are now closed. You can find any future grant opportunities by clicking below.

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We run grant guidance webinars, grant writing workshops and other business support related events throughout the year.

What were Go Create grants?

Go-Create grants were offered as part of the Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) programme, through the European Regional Development Fund, which closed in April 2023.

Available from £1,000 to £50,000, SMEs could apply under the De Minimis State Aid scheme with a 40% maximum grant rate for revenue expenditure (minimum 60% co-investment required by the applicant business) or 75% maximum for capital expenditure (minimum 25% co-investment required).

Who was it for?

Businesses that were ready to grow through innovative means.

The project could have been to develop a Beta product, purchasing equipment, diversifying your services, research and development – all providing that the end goal brings new innovation into the business and its outputs.

Which projects were eligible?

Here were some of key areas of criteria:

  • Investment in product and service development
  • Technological and applied research
  • Developing pilot lines
  • Early product validation actions
  • Supporting advanced manufacturing capabilities
  • First production

For Capital projects, investment of £5,000 or more in assets or equipment that facilitate the development of said innovation was required, such as:

  • Plant, equipment and machinery acquisition;
  • Diversification of the output of an establishment into new additional products/services;
  • A fundamental change to the overall production process of an existing establishment.

Projects that initiate new collaborations with research institutions, bring new products to the firm or market, or increase employment at the business were also well-positioned in Go Create grant applications.

So what next?

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