Peer Support

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Who are the best people to learn from? Your peers, those who have experienced what you have, tried something and learnt.

Our peer support groups will help you to:

  • Access to a new support network
  • New tools for collaboration
  • Improved leadership and management skills
  • Understanding of the foundations for growth
  • Inspiration and motivation to grow

Many of our past peer group members have been surprised, relieved and inspired to find that all business owners share similar challenges, no matter what type or size of business they work in.

What our support covers

Network & Support

Become part of a small cohort of supported and motivated business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Foundations to Growth

Gain new perspectives, inspire new ideas and change your way of thinking alongside your peers.

Leadership Peer Support

Regular workshops that bring ambitious business leaders, both current and future, together in a collaborative environment.

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Get involved with our peer support programmes and one-off events, including Foundations to Growth and the Network & Support series.

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Many businesses we’ve supported over the years have engaged in some form of peer support.

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We’ve had dozens of businesses feedback to us on the benefits of peer support and how it’s changed their business. Here’s a quick selection.

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